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WYD: Rhett Eala Video

Client: WYD Productions
Agency: WYD Productions
Director: Nicky Daez

Rhett Eala is known as the designer of the shirts that signify nationalism and pride for the country. He celebrated his 20th year in the fashion industry recently which was attended by the President himself, Noynoy Aquino. Rhett Eala designed the widely-known Collezione C2 polos with the Philippine-map design, which became the President’s signature outfit during the campaign period. The renowned designer also made the Halalan Flag shirts worn by the ABS-CBN correspondents during the coverage of the national elections.

Rhett Eala is known for coining the term “fashionalism,” or the fusion of fashion and nationalism–for making the Philippine map the fashion phenomenon it is today. This is truly a perfect example of how a designer uses his craft as an instrument of nationalism and pride.

Edited and Colored by Paolo Abrihan

Shot by Marco Limjap

Directed by Nicky Daez

Produced by Julo de Guzman

WYD Productions