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Client: WYD Productions
Agency: WYD Productions
Director: Nicky Daez

In July 2005, former WTHR-NBC Eyewitness News in Indianapolis Desk Editor Gang Badoy founded Rock Ed Philippines, a “volunteer group that aims to rock society” through a series of alternative education projects. Rock Ed has used music, dance, graphic design, sports, literature, film, theater, cultural studies, and other alternative approaches to encourage involvement and critical thinking among the youth. Among the successful Rock Ed projectsare Rock Ed Radio (which aired its third to the last episode on October 21 via the radio station NU 107), Rock the Rehas, Rock the Riles, and RockBayan.

Just like her energy and enthusiasm, Gang’s advocacy is also contagious. Gang is using her passion for music as an instrument of giving back. Music is one of the ways of expressing oneself; it is a means of voicing out so it is one of the perfect mediums to say something and stand up for a social cause. Gone are the days of apathy. Do what you love and do it while giving back.

Edited and Colored by Paolo Abrihan
Shot by Marco Limjap
Directed by Nicky Daez
Produced by Julo de Guzman

WYD Productions