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Client: WYD Productions
Agency: WYD Productions
Director: Nicky Daez

We probe into the forces that drive the man dubbed as the “modern-day Jose Rizal,” Carlos Celdran. The performance artist, Manila walking tour guide, and activist has earned both cheers and jeers for his protest against the Church’s meddling in the government’s stand on Reproductive Health on September 30. The best-known advocate of the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill), Celdran was jailed after he stood in front of the altar during an ecumenical service at Manila Cathedral while holding a placard that read “Damaso” (referring to the abusive friar in Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere) and said, “Stop getting involved in politics!”

We agree with Carlos. Times are changing fast and if we do not act quickly to show our concerns, nothing will be solved. Carlos Celdran shook the ground and made everyone notice an unheard or avoided voice. Sharing an opinion is caring about the present situation. To disagree with the Church doesn’t mean you are morally wrong. It just goes to show that times are changing and that there are certain measures that can still be morally right for the good of society.

Edited and Colored by Paolo Abrihan
Shot by Marco Limjap
Directed by Nicky Daez
Produced by Julo de Guzman

WYD Productions