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WYD: 27+20 Video

Client: WYD Productions
Agency: WYD Productions
Director: Nicky Daez

They live and love design. Business partners and real-life couple Nico and Katwo Puertollano are the brains behind 27+20, a design boutique for print and broadcast media. Some of 27+20’s productions are the music videos for bands Taken by Cars (“Uh-Oh”), Cambio (“You Wear Me Out”), Narda (“Molotov”), and Duster (“Gucci Gang”), as well as the Nescafe Classic “Good Day” commercial featuring Bamboo.

Nico and Katwo have also made their mark in the indie and art scene. Nico grew up in New York City, studied Visual Arts, moved back to the Philippines in 2004, met and married Katwo, and started 27+20. Katwo is known by many for her music. The former vocalist of Narda, today, she is the frontwoman of the all-female band Duster.

Both of them attest to the fact that it is really important to work with people you can trust, learn and feed energy and inspiration from.

Edited by Paolo Abrihan

Shot by Marco Limjap

Directed by Nicky Daez

Produced by Julo de Guzman

WYD Productions