WYD Productions

402 Greenbelt Mansion
106 Perea Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, PH 1229

(+632) 551 4276

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Julo De Guzman

Partner / Managing Director / Executive Producer

Marco Limjap

Partner / Cinematographer


WYD Productions began in 2009 as an independent group of aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives wanting to do something meaningful — something we’d love doing. We decided to explore the questions that we also seemed to be struggling with at the time.


At first, we featured individuals we looked up to — day in the life videos of people we admired, and who were dedicated to living life with purpose. We were intrigued with the why — why people do what they do.

Caloy Soliongco

Partner / Director

Judd Figuerres

In-house Director

We believe our purpose is to inspire people to pursue their passions. We love chasing stories, we love storytelling. As filmmakers, we draw from our experiences. In every project, we want to show stories that engage, that need to be said, need to be shared, and need to be put out there. That’s our passion, that’s our why.

Gone are the days when we just feature products and sell them to consumers. Now, people are looking more and more for the why.

Denise Galoyo

Executive Producer

Aaron Sumayo

Associate Producer


Advertising is no longer just about selling to consumers — it’s about inviting people to be part of a brand’s culture, and believing in a common purpose. We want people to follow and be part of that tribe. Our idea of advertising is to go beyond the brand, beyond the product, into something that people will aspire for.

We wanted to spread our advocacy, and the best platform to share that vision was the internet. We released the WYD webisodes, and something just sparked.

Mini Maglahus

Executive Producer

Samantha Javelosa

Associate Producer

Friends and colleagues from advertising agencies started asking us to do videos — corporate, and eventually, commercial, as well as digital projects for them. That’s how we grew organically into a production house, learning from every project. We would break down the why for different campaigns and videos, finding the best approach to suit different concepts.

Our team also works with a pool of production freelancers on a regular basis; a group of young creatives and senior production personnel from different fields — goal-driven and talented individuals.

Maritess Chappneer

Secretary / Receptionist