It all starts here

It starts with the Why. This is Why We Do What We Do.

Why you do what you do

It's born out of a motivation to inspire people to do what they love and love what they do. This inspired us to create a thought-provoking program — WYD Series.

Passion Drives Production

Building on the experiences we gathered from the series, it was a natural move for us to evolve into a production house with our very own professional & passionate brand of service.

Our intrigue with why people do what they do has translated in our form of branded entertainment — we break down the WHY.

Why this product?
Why this kind of service?
Why do brands do what they do?

Action Leads to Collaboration

Drawing on our collective experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, brand-building and film, we specialize in creating video-based creative marketing solutions for a diverse clientele roster.

From concept development down to the final output, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to fulfill any requirement.

Compelling & collaborative media that specializes in creating video-based creative marketing solutions for a diverse clientele roster.
WYD Productions has worked with different clients and advertising agencies, providing pre-production to post-production services including concept development to final video output.

A thought-provoking media program that empowers, inspires and motivates.

The WYD Series features individuals or groups from different backgrounds as they pursue their ideas and passions in their particular craft with each episode.

Gus Cruz

Caloy Soliongco


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  • Unit 5B, Pilgrim Building,
    111 Aguirre Street,
    Legaspi Village,
    Makati City PH 1229


  • (632) 5514276
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Marco Limjap

Partner / Cinematographer
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Denise Galoyo

Executive Producer
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Gus Cruz

Partner / Director
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Julo De Guzman

Partner / Managing Director
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Caloy Soliongco

Partner / Director

Lambing na #Damang-dama

Mothers really know us best. They know when we’re down and they know just the right amount of flavor to uplift our spirits. This online video shows us how a mom cheers up her son with a creamy lasap recipe made even more special with an extra dash of Eden Cheese. This is the kind of “lambing” that all of us love.

Uniqlo Shukka Roll

Learn the Shukka Roll from the Philippine All-Stars with Jimmy Alapag, LA Tenorio, Larry Fonacier, and Gabe Norwood and get a chance to win P25K worth of UNIQLO GCs! Create your own version of this new dance craze and submit your entries via the Shukka Roll app!

SoFA: A Designer's Creed

SoFA truly believes in the power of design and they put pen to paper and crafted a statement on what design is to them and the possibilities it can achieve in A Designer's Creed.

WYD: The Greatest Reason Yet

Outtakes from a documentary we shot in Tacloban and San Joaquin, Leyte, which is currently in post. No words can describe the feeling of being there, however brief the trip was. The few days of being amidst the destruction and decay weighs one down. But, seeing the people of Tacloban and San Joaquin rebuild their lives, slowly but surely, with smiles on their faces, lifts the spirit. They are selfless and strong, inspiring and uplifting. Thank you for reminding us what it truly means to be Filipino, to be human. In the middle of all the rubble we heard balls bouncing, kids laughing, men high-fiving.


Liter of Light along with WYD went to Tacloban to give out Solar Light Panels to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.


WYD x FASTBREAK2 A Benefit Game for #YolandaPh Survivors